Broken Toilet 30 - Rent A Toilet
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Cherelize tells you about this little hotel “Women Inn” entirely run by women for women where there are no bathrooms and men are the toilets for female guestsCherelize is filled with laughter as the woman from the front desk explain to her how to use another person as a toilet and puts her through to the “Rent A Toilet” department of the hotel.As Cherelize pulls up her little black dress she admit to being nervous as she never used a man’s mouth as a toilet before. But after two days and six large meals she simply can’t hold it in anymore.You can see the excitement & arousal on Cherelize’s face as she finally give in to the urge to pushShe is overwhelmed by pleasure as the first creamy turd make it’s way out of her tight asshole towards the male toilet’s wide open mouthHer vagina swell with huge arousal from the man gulping down her first turd and receiving the second long oneCherelize is overwhelmed by how amazing it feels as this third and massive turd slides out of her and the poor man can’t swallow fast enoughCherelize can sense the poor man needs more time to swallow but she is overcome by such arousal & pleasure that she start to push out the fourth massive & creamy turd, she simply can’t stop the urge to keep shittingCherelize settle into the rhythm of relieve & pleasure as she let the fifth creamy turd keep on coming piling onto the poor man’s face without mercyAs the poor man manage to get a few mouth full’s down Cherelize unload the sixth flow of steady soft shit. You can’t blame the poor girl. After holding such a massive shit in for two days this must feel amazing.This was honestly not planned but as I watched him chew the rest of my massive load I put my foot on his chest and gave into the aching urge to masturbate.And orgasm train is leaving the station as you can tell by my massively swollen vagina and look on my face lolAs I enjoy my gentle & steady multiple orgasm he is kind enough to lay still with my massive load of shit in his mouth and on his face so I can take my time and enjoy myself as long as I like. He even rubs my foot for me.Look how enlarged my clit was. I decided to keep masturbating so I can have more orgasms while filming everything up close for you to seeAs you can see I already had a few orgasms but it feels waaaaayyyy too good to stop now. So I keep going while he keep on chewing and tasting my massive shitMy sadistic side wanted satisfaction as well. Even his eye is completely covered by one of my massive & creamy turds. Made me feel so good to see his gagging & suffering as I used my foot to push my shit down his throat making him swallowLook how his throat is welling from that big turd I’m pushing down with my foot. That satisfied grin on my face can testify I’m really enjoying myself hereI feel like masturbating & orgasming more so I do what feels good for ME as he is the one who has to continue to cope with the smell & taste of my shit for my pleasure.My clitoris completely swollen outwards. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of that since my slave want to endure eating my shit for my pleasure & comfortYou noticed earlier how dirty & shit smeared my asshole was? You thought I’m going to bring toilet paper to it after such a big shit? It’s sensitive so a tongue licking it clean feels much better. I reached an “anal-gasm” (when you orgasm from having your ass licked) and decided I wanted another one. The second one felt so good knowing he has my natural ass odor in his face as well that I asked him to lick my asshole harder and deeper. As you can see on my face, that felt REALLY GOOD. So I sat a while longer on his mouth to enjoy the amazing feeling. Think I deserve to experience this amazing kind of pleasure from having my asshole licked clean, do you?

Broken Toilet 30 – Rent A Toilet


Let’s start with the obvious. Yes….it’s true. I had a MASSIVE shit in this video as you can see…

I played the role of “Cherelize” a young woman who booked into the fictional hotel “Women’s Inn” A hotel run entirely by women for women, catering for women’s special needs. The hotel only use men as toilets for the female guests and doesn’t have regular bathrooms.

Young Cherelize is not too comfortable with the idea so she tries to hold her shit in for two days. But eventually she can’t hold anymore and ask the front desk to send her one of their male toilets.

Cherelize is overcome by intense pleasure from taking such a MASSIVE stinking shit into a man’s mouth. It’s like she lose control over her own emotions and give into the urge to masturbate and orgasm repeatedly. The slow & genetle multiple orgasms drives her to a point where she does something completely out of her soft & caring character. She use her foot to push one of her massive turds right down into the poor man toilet’s throat and then masturbate AGAIN from the sight of his suffering.

Afterwards Cherelize let the man lick her asshole clean for her and even though she giggles a little in the beginning because it tickles she is quickly overcome by her first anal-gasm (orgasm from having your asshole licked)

Cherelize enjoy this so much she remain seated on the man’s mouth much longer than needed, even instruct him to lick her ass deeper and gasp with two more anal-gasms.

As most of you know I don’t script my videos too much as I want to be my natural self in them. This time I let myself go completely and that is why you’ll see such nice masturbation scenes from me in full view for you. I got a gentle but very satisfying multiple orgasm and decided to be myself. So I kept my legs open so you don’t miss anything and let go completely. It’s a very first for me masturbating with my legs so wide open with my vagina getting soaked in full view of you the viewer xoxo

Also included is a 50 second Q&A with me at the end (As you can imagine I do a Q&A “Goddess Tempest” style 😉


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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo



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