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Brushing My slaves Teeth with Shit


Another day another toilet slave, but what shall I do with this little fucker. I know I am going to hogtie him, make him balance a dog bowl on his feet while I take a shit. Then I sing him a happy little song while I brush his teeth with my shit! I then feed him some more, rub his face in it and make him lick it from my heels. He is verbally abused and thoroughly used just how I like it. Now there is a little unexpected and unintended surprise in this clip but can you spot it before I did. All I can say is KARMA!


Length:  26:08s 
Resolution: 854x480
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 642 MB

_mg_3598I am one of the UK’s  leading Hardsports Dominatrices, professional at all times & have alot of experience shitting on my submissives. I love what I do and I nearly always laughing whilst I poo!


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