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Catholic Schoolgirl Shit Slave Blackmail


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We all saw you, you pig, and we caught you peeping on us Catholic schoolgirls while we were changing. We even got it on video… freak! You think you’re going to get away with this? Oh, no, but we’re not going to get you fired, that is, unless you do EVERYTHING I tell you… you know why I invited you over to my parent’s place while they were out of the house? Because the girls trusted ME to give you a special, more *deserving* punishment than just public humiliation and losing your job, and probably your marriage and your kids, too. Haha, oh, I’ve got something even BETTER in mind for a PIG like you.

You are going to eat my shit, pig, and you’re gonna swallow it all–that’s right, that GIGANTIC pile of shit that just burst out my schoolgirl ass and onto your plate? That’s all for you, slave, and you’re gonna eat it all and lick the plate! You’re gonna eat it *EXACTLY* how I tell you, and you have no other choice. So take the blackmail, pig, it’s still better than what you deserve… now open that pig mouth up, I’m gonna watch you swallow ALL my stinky-ass shit!


Length:  9:59s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Nothing makes me cum like scat porn… I love this shit!

1 review for Catholic Schoolgirl Shit Slave Blackmail

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    5 out of 5


    -The tease, verbally & physically, leading up to money shot is long but interesting.
    -I’m a sap. Female upshots (esp. big round booty ones) instantly submission me. The upshot angle & fish-eye lens gives a depiction as if I’m using a monocular to spy on you from under the door crack! Very naughty-like.
    -I usually don’t listen to models talks [MUTE SOUND] but after the 1st & 2nd watch (noticing the length leading up to the money shot) I found out your dialogue was “teenplay”. I didn’t check the title–I bought it because the gif shows a huge load. Teenplay ain’t my thang. But this one has hooked me.
    -The load on that plate is damn gorgeous! Your volume production is amazing.
    -A major great point is the stationary camera recording. I hate moving-camera porn.

    Didn’t see one.

    Verdict: One of your best. And not just for the huge pile of fudge you shot out from the assembly line, the story was arousing. And I’m picky bastard when it comes to story-lines. I only use these two words when they are literal for video watching. But this video is a MUST SEE. It’s a MUST HAVE too.

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