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Champagne Challenge


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My champagne is notorious for being pungent, to say the least. I just can’t help but produce a concentrated liquor. It is so hard to drink that I thought it might be lots of fun to challenge My slave to down it in one go. So I went in a glass, filing it with MY glorious golden effluence, and made him down it in one go…. with a catch. I gave him 15 seconds to drink My champagne. For every second that he went over the alloted time, he would get 5 strokes of MY hard wooden paddle. I know this slave is so sensitive to pain, so it will be especially fun watching him suffer through drinking that strong liquid only to make him suffer more afterwards.


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1 review for Champagne Challenge

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    5 out of 5


    Mistress Evilyne,
    i cannot even describe how fortunate Your slave is to be drink Your divine pungent Goddess golden pee. i would probably had trouble meeting Your 15 second time for consumption also. i cringed every time Your paddled his worthless slave ass, especially on the last 15 whacks, all the while wishing it was me. I cannot believe the slave did not thank You for the drink or thank You for getting his worthless ass paddled for not meeting Your expectations. What is funny is that it was like the slave was not even there the second time I watched the video as my eyes were on Your divine presence. Then again, the slave is one many, and You are one of a kind. I also was naked on my knees while watching with my tiny cock in my hands. Thank You for allowing me to purchase Your video.

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