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Chocolate Milking


Today’s toilet slave is a first timer. He has been fantasising about being My toilet for years, and he begged Me to be used by Me. I told him that it he was to be My toilet, it would be by My rules. Having dealt with hundreds of first timers, and had them try all sorts of clever schemes to get out of consuming My shit once it starts to come out, I was prepared. I tied him up so tight with so many leather belts that he can’t move a muscle! He is trapped like a fly in My brown web. First of all, I decide to stand over him and to feed him My heavenly nectar very slowly, so that he can drink every drop. I so have My piss going to waste! He is such a good boy, and manages to drink all of it! I am very impressed. I turn around and drop a fresh load from My as. Bless him, if you look carefully at the video, you can see him stretching his neck, trying to catch My poop as it drops. He eats it so well and so fast, especially for a first timer, that I decide to give him a VERY special treat! I allow him to cum while he is holding My divine shit in his mouth. What a lucky first time toilet! What he doesn’t realise, is that by doing this, I am also beginning his mental conditioning, making him equate shit with sexual pleasure, and thus ensuring that he will return again and again, until eating My shit will be the only way he can ever get off.


Length:  10:58s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 506 MB


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