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Daddy Wants My Shit!


Finally, Daddy is home! I can tell him that the toilet in my bathroom is broken! I tried to flush after I pooped earlier but the toilet wouldn’t flush.

I call down the hall and try to find Daddy. I hear him in the bathroom. I go in to tell him that the toilet is broken. But I catch him down on his knees with one of my big, stinky turds in his hand! Daddy is on the dirty bathroom floor sniffing my shit! I am shocked and disgusted at first! How nasty! Why is Daddy sniffing my gross shit!? I can’t believe that Daddy gets turned on by poop!

It’s kind of hot though. I like seeing Daddy down there on his knees with my shit in his hand. I have something else for Daddy. I didn’t wipe my ass very well after I pooped! I have shit all over my poophole and up my ass crack!

“Here, Daddy, do you want to sniff my dirty asshole! If you like my shit so much, how about you lick it off my ass! Lick my ass clean, Daddy. Crawl to me and sniff my shitty ass! Oh, I like it Daddy! I like you sniffing and licking my filthy shithole!”

“You’re so nasty Daddy! But I love it! I love you down on your knees licking my dirty hole clean! Do you want to see if I can shit for you too Daddy?”

I spread my ass wipe for Daddy to see and I push out a tiny, wet turd! It’s enough for Daddy to lick up! Daddy loves my shit! And I love feeding him!



Length:  5:17s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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