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Dead feet skin and shit


Your function is to obey my commands. No discussion, no resistance, no choice. You exist to massage my feet and gratefully accept the pain from my kicks. You are nothing but a hole in which I dispose of my waste. As a foot slave the only thing you will have to eat is the dead skin from my feet and my shit and if you cannot live on this then you will die. It doesn’t matter. Remember you are sub-human and if you should happen to die you will no more be missed by me than the shit I feed you.

Today I will use your mouth to dispose of my dead skin. Then, I will stand on you and squat directly over your mouth so that I can expel my holy shit directly into your mouth. Do not resist or you will be dismissed from my presence forever. After I have filled your mouth with my precious shit I will help you by kicking your repulsive penis and balls with my beautiful feet. Aren’t you grateful? You’re Welcome! Hahahahaha!


Length:  11:51s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Valar Morgulis


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