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Desperate Diarrhea In Your Mouth


5 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

So in Orlando Florida came this desperate shit eater, he says “No other Mistress has force fed me before, can you help?” Well of course I can grasshopper! So he set up his session at the last minute & I told him I would get ready. So I already felt my stomach upset. I went to IHOP for a Ham & Cheese omlet and some hashbrowns with a cup of coffee, the food was actually good and I enjoyed it. When I got back to my hotel he was outside waiting like a good boy he was. I invited him upstairs, He was pretty nervous and shy and young! Like 22 years old! Glad he discovered his love for shit at a young age. So I was kinda desperate and couldn’t hold it no more so I got straight to the point. I ducktaped his hands to his legs so he couldn’t push the Queen off him and he would consume properly. After that I pull down my pants, squat over his face I start to piss and he starts to choke! He can’t even handle my piss wtf! And that’s when I felt that my shit was about to be diarrhea 🙂 uh ohh! So my shit squirts all over his face like its just shitty water coming out of my ass! He’s crying says it’s in his eyes! After I’m done with this messy shit, I start to forced him to lick it off my hands as I sit on his chest…He pleads for me to stop but why would I?? He ends up puking on the Queen! Who fucking spits up on the Queen? As punishment I force him to clean up his own puke and eat that too! NOBODY pukes on the Queen, that’s not right! So in this video he is force fed shit and puke lmQao I guess he will double think before he ever spits up again! If you’re a diarrhea fan then this is for you!


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4 reviews for Desperate Diarrhea In Your Mouth

  1. Profile photo of benki
    5 out of 5


    This toilet clip is a huge turn on. Queen Vanity knows how to make her slaves suffer. This young slave suffered because he threw up on the Queen, that made pissed her off. She made him ate every bit of her liquid Queen shit. The view of Queen Vanity’s ass is always fantastic. I love the way she sit on her slave belly, so erotic but so heavy for the slave who had problems to breathe. Certainly of the best Queen Vanity videos. A really must have Queen Vanity video.

  2. Profile photo of DWilson159
    5 out of 5


    This bloke seriously messed up in this video and he got everything he deserved. This is my favourite video of the queen as she shows she isn’t to be messed around. You’re their to do a job and if you can’t live up you face the consequences. EASY 5 STARS

  3. Profile photo of pulver685
    5 out of 5


    Normally is not diarrhea my thing but Queen Vanity makes it good. She really takes care of the slave and makes him eat it all. I think QV has an ass to die for so for me is this video very special with all the shots of her perfect ass. What can I say, she has done it again. 5 stars without any doubt.

  4. Profile photo of draco420
    5 out of 5


    Not as much diarrhea as I would of liked to see go in his mouth but that is easily made up for with the verbal humiliation and commentary, usually humiliation isn’t really my thing but there is just something extremely erotic about her body language and the way she talks to him as well as the fact she’s smiling and it gives her pleasure to see him struggling so much you can tell she enjoys it and doesn’t show him any mercy she makes him swallow everything there is and is glad to do it. All in all great video.

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