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*Dirty Dog* Stuffed-Animal Toliet Slave


Watch me make my little stuffed dog into my new pint-sized toilet slave by putting him on my toilet, and then taking a big fat poop right in front of his face, and then using my dirty little toilet slave to wipe my poopy ass! I cover his face with my thick nasty skid marks. then I put my dirty toliet slave aside so he can watch as I top my huge pile of poo off with some more warm and very stinky turds. I use him for my ass wipe again, this time covering his back and belly with my thick skids, then place him back on the toilet…giving you a nice long look at my giant pile of shit and my dirty little shit covered doggy .


Length:  4:48s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: avi
File Size: 276 MB




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