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Electrice chair toilet


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The life of a toilet can be challenging, especially for those that are incapable of following simple instructions. Fortunately, I have developed a device to help them with their concentration and obedience: The Electric Toilet Chair.

The slave’s body hair has been removed so the electrodes can be attached more precisely and there is no interference with the electric charge. I test the device by administering an electric shock to its genitals. The slave makes jerking motions and cries almost like a little girl. I smile.

I sit down and allow the slave to gaze up at my perfect ass. My skin is so smooth and supple that it does not crease as I sit and my perfect ass looms above through the toilet seat. The slave gazes up at perfection. I order the slave to lick my pussy which it gratefully does with enthusiasm but I shock it continuously just because I like the sound it (the slave) makes. I order it to worship my perfect asshole and press its tongue right into the holy orifice. Finally I shit into the slave. The precious shit is almost like diarrhea but the slave cranes its head up and doesn’t miss a bit.

I laugh as I remove the chair and look down at the suffering sub-human. To encourage it to finish my shit I continue with the electrical charges and add kicks to the penis and balls. It jerks helplessly and looks up at me adoringly as I laugh. My perfect skin is radiant and highlighted by my blue bikini.


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Valar Morgulis

1 review for Electrice chair toilet

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    5 out of 5


    This is a great video, one of Mistress Anna’s best. We get to see her at her playful, sadistic best. She seems so sweet when she is doing the most cruel things to her slave.

    Her smile is so beautiful as she anticipates the slave’s pain while she is attaching the electrodes to its penis and nipples.

    She is wearing a dark blue bikini and bright yellow shoes which makes a strong contrast with her exquisite, tan skin. Her skin is so perfect it hardly creases as she gets up and down. The only part of her that has wrinkles seems to be her perfect asshole, which is even more beautiful because of the soft, buttery perfection of all the skin around it.

    She orders the slave in her accented, almost broken English to “eat my hole, ass, no pussy”. This makes her orders sound even more commanding. She constantly clicks the electrode and giggles as the slave moans in a high, pitiful voice. Finally, he almost screams like a woman and this makes the Mistress laugh out loud. I don’t know if the Mistress has told him to use a high voice but the effect is to make the slave seem even more weak and submissive.

    The slave is then ordered to lick her pussy and we are allowed to see that. The he is ordered to tongue her asshole, which he does, literally trying to poke his tongue in there. And he is told to suck her asshole, too.

    i should explain how beautiful the Mistress’s asshole is. It is extraordinary. Her ass is so tight and shapely and has no loose fat on it so her asshole is the only thing wrinkled. It starts out very small but when she shits it actually comes out and puckers out as it fills with shit. It is like an extra appendage, almost extending itself to deposit shit in the slave’s mouth.

    After she has shit in the slave there is another minute and a half of the video where she is making him eat. This is my favorite part of the video. The camera looks up at her as she stands above the slave laughing and saying ‘nice’ while she kicks him in the balls.

    My only complaint about this video is that we don’t see enough of the Mistress’s face. Of course, she is wearing a mask, but the expressions we can see even with the mask reveal a truly sadistic mistress who takes an almost childlike pleasure in the slave’s pain. Also, it would be nice if she let the slave masturbate and eat its own pus. I am sure that her smile would be radiant.

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