No Escape Toilet Slavery
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No Escape Toilet Slavery


Well looks like we have a new victim my new toilet slave there is no escaping this , I know you must be starving I haven’t fed you in what 3-4 days now,  Trying to break you. Make you love my shit but no still nothing. I hope you never love the taste of my waste, I love to see you suffer. Cringe at the thought of feeding time . I use my hand cuffs and cuff you to my chair and get my mouth spreader out so you must eat my shit. Remember if you do not eat you will die of starvation.Which life is better? My girls friends are coming by later to shit in your mouth but I want to be one who breaks you and gives you a good idea of whats to come. I fart and blow it into your face and shit in your mouth forcing you to swallow I then piss and make you savor the taste.





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