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I walk into the office and see you my favorite toilet, perfect your here I was hoping it would be you today, you know your my favorite. Sorry I really do not have time to talk I only have a few minute break and I really have to shit, I lift up my skirt and pull down my panties and shit right into your mouth long thick turds go right into your mouth without me asking you to. Now I am just going to surf the internet and try to get anything else out, ewww it stinks I turn around and press your nose and say flush, you swallow without even blinking. I stand there and push out more runny poop and turn around and flush it so the smell isn’t so strong. I start talking with you telling you I may want to buy you and keep you for myself at home because you are my favorite, I test you and wipe my dirty hole and flush one last time. Now I am sitting at the desk and flush do a sticker making sure you would eat anything I would happen to feed you at home. Now what if I would drop my phone in your mouth would you swallow that? Good I would be very upset if you did, I will talk to the boss about bring you home with me so I can have you to myself.


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