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Football Parlay Gone Wrong


I am laying on the bed watching football eating trail mix, you rudely interrupted me by talking loud so I couldn’t hear the TV so I turn the volume up. I yell at you and you stop for a few moments but then go right back to talking, I know you hate football but I love watching it. No my team is going to win, shut up you know nothing about football. Ok well if you think you are so smart lets make a bet if your team wins what do you want? Ok well that’s easy but I want to shit on your face if mine wins, deal? You agree but are so sure of yourself you know that you wont get shit on your face and then the game ends and my team wins, well you have to hold up your end of the deal, yes you have to go over to that chair and I will be right over sweetie. I place you under my chair and bend over with my white fullback panties on showing them off to you, Ok well this wont be to bad I hope, I pull down my panties and tease you about what you must do, close your mouth so nothing gets inside, I let out a ton of shit on your face, so hard some soft and it gets all over your lips and you taste it. I laugh at you and tell you to clean yourself off by eating your way through my shit. It tastes good doesn’t it? I could get used to this.

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