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Full toilet training with 2 romanian Mistresses


Finally, a full toilet session with 2 of my lovely romanian Mistresses !! Today was a great day, our studio managed to fall a deal with two superb romanian mistresses (unknown until now) and film future movies with full toilet slave action with them. The Mistresses were dressed identically in this morning in 2 seethrough crotchless catsuits and began to humiliate their slave with foot fetish, foot gagging and anal fisting with foot. Then they began to unload a big portion of shit into the toilet slave mouth, instructing it to begin to chew their shit and adore it. Then they shoved his hands deep into the throat of toilet boy and try to stuffing their shit into the stomach of toilet. The toilet slave, fasting for a few days, obviously began to chew and swallow their precious shit of 2 mistresses.
In this first film in three, mistresses had only just begun to demonstrate their qualities of a kinky Mistresses following that of future movies (over just 2 days !!) to be of increasingly kinky more hardcore and tougher their slave’s toilet.
The price for this movie is appropriate for a film in which three characters share the whole costs and “rewards”.
To help you tune buying this studio films, we will produce films increasingly hardcore, and bring along other romanian experienced mistresses into full toilet slavery !!!
Thanks in advance for your support by buying our film and following these two superb mistresses challenges. Keep in touch and find in 2 days another epic movie with those Godesses !!!
Something like : strapon fucking – fisting – slapping – ballbusting – CBT – smocking – ashtray – full piss drinking, full shit/scat/diarrhea eating – voyeur action in public places and other bizarre actions will contain our future movies with 2 ladies !!


Length:  18:03s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: avi
File Size: 825 MB

Very obedient slave ready to receive huge cantities of Diarrhea, shit and ready to eat all scat-shit from my Mistresses !!  8


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