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Gina offers her friend Erin to use her boyfriend as a toilet.


Gina offers her friend Erin to use her boyfriend as a toilet. Gina takes him by the scruff of the neck and brings to his knees in front of Erin. Gina tells her that since now she can do a crap in his mount, and soon Gina is going to bring even more female friends here. That?s the first time for Erin to do such a thing but she is up to the task. The slave is placed under the special toilet chair. At first she spits all over his face, then places her big and beautiful ass on the chair. The slave is lying down with an open mouth. Erin is doing a crap in his mount. And here?s the huge portion of delicious shit that goes directly into the slave’s mouth. He should eat as much as possible. But Erin has eaten a lot of food for dinner. Therefore, there?s a lot of shit, too. It?s barely comes into his mouth. After doing a crap, Erin decides to insert a banana into his mouth with her boots. Today the slave had a lot to experience – a mouth full of shit and a banana. Have a nice meal!


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