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Goddess Shit Candies


I need to feed my hungry toilet servant. I’ve been holding my Goddess shit for him to eat, and now I am ready to unload. I push out a nice creamy big shit. It felt so good coming out of my ass. (After this poop I played and fucked my shit with didlo in another scat video “Fuck MY Shit” and then I smeared and got my feet dirty in video “Shitty Feet”) After all the playing it left me with a nice smear shit coated cardboard. I thought of my hungry toilet servant, and thought he would enjoy some of my leftover Halloween candies rolled and coated in my Goddess shit. I sit completely naked with my legs spread as I prepare my special scat covered Goddess candies. I love when my Goddess shit is consumed in special little candies, especially when my scat candy is eaten around others! Savor MY Goddess shit!


Length:  10:06s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 564 MB



Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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