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All Your Good For


I am sitting in my chair looking amazing with my sexy dress and a big fat cigar in my mouth, you are in front of me begging for my attention, I tell you that you are worthless and pathetic you wish you could have me and that will never happen. I tease you and make your cock hard as a rock staring at me you want me more I degrade you and tell you that you are nothing, you are meant to lick my ass clean after I shit so you know what I am going to shit right here and you will lick my asshole clean, I poop into a container and let you smell my waste, get a good whiff of that. I spread my ass and let you go to work licking and sniffing my shit streaked butt. You know I think you would be a great toilet, come here put my shit into your mouth and savor me eat me, I will be in your stomach settling at the pit very soon, I know you can handle this chew it now swallow..


Length:  9:04s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 499 MB

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