HOT SHIT! Toilet Slavery and Tasting BUNDLE


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Sometimes you just deserve a break! Take yours while enjoying this grab bag featuring some stinky AND steamy scat and tasting some delicious shit 😉 The 30% off is really just the cherry on top!

1) Eating A LONG SHIT LOG With You!

Here you are, watching me as I tease you in my little black dress, caressing my tummy as I tell you how badly I need to poop :3 I think it’s gonna be a big one! I haven’t pooped in 2 days, which isn’t common for me (usually it’s every day) and I’ve eaten a LOOOT and really loaded up on fiber 🙂 🙂 I list off all the foods I ate and my favorite beverages to drink, all the while pulling down my panties and hiking up this already too-short little dress… and do a desperate little dance… I really gotta poo! <3

…And boy, DO I EVER! I lay a BIG, *THICK* and SUPER *LONG* turd onto this plate–this turd is EASILY over a foot long and it is *gorgeous* <3 I feel so proud pushing this big brown beauty outta my booty!!

I waste no time in showing it off, smelling it with delight and teasing you, telling you how you’re supposed to sniff, lick, and taste it…. and then, EAT it. Let’s share it together! I’ll take the first bite, babe…. 😉 and, oh my goodness, you’re going to LOVE this poop–because it is DeLicIouS! You better eat it all too, or I’m gonna get upset 😉 Can’t let this turd go to waste, babe! You’re going to let each biteful melt on your tongue… before swallowing it, over, and over, and over again, until it’s all gone! And you better pace yourself… you’re not allowed to cum until it’s all gone 😉

2) Punishing Slave With My Farts and SHARTS

You’ve been a huge disappointment lately, slave. You think you can get away with doing a bad job? Don’t think I’ll go light on slaves who disobey me, worm. You’re tied under my throne for a reason–under my ass is right where you belong! And I am *awfully* gassy right now… so, let’s play a game, shall we? It’s called, “Lets See How Long You Survive” …. 😉

I repeatedly blow hot farts all over your face as you struggle underneath me. Hard to breathe when I’ve taped over your mouth, isn’t it? You have to breathe in all these fart clouds with your nose. Smell EVERYTHING in order to breathe. Are you going to pass out, slave? You’re not breathing oxygen anymore, you little loser. Just Mistress Methane!

Ooh, I’m feeling a little bit more up there… I wonder if I’ve got a little “extra” for your punishment…? Would be suiting, wouldn’t it. I bend over and *push*… and I spray your stupid fucking face with my turd nuggets. Ahaha, how do you like your punishment now, slave? That shit all over your face stink? You’ll think twice about ever disobeying me again now, won’t you? That is, if you survive this… I fart and shart all over you over and over again, ending with a MASSIVE fart until I’m completely satisfied… Aaah, I feel so much better now, slave.. How are you? OH! Looks like you didn’t make it, suffocated to death from my gassy ass… I guess you really weren’t cut out to be my slave afterall, were you? <3

3) Sharing Shit with Desperate Poop Eaters

Are you desperate enough for hot girl shit that you’ll order it online and have it mailed to your door? Just imagine how horny you must be for shit if you’ll buy mine from across the globe just to eat it! If you’re one of these special, desperate poop buyers, then this video is for you–especially to my international fans!

I mock and tease you for how badly you want my thick stinky dumps, how even though I vacuum seal my shit twice for freshness and have only rave reviews, that you must still be so pathetic to go through with it. It must be humiliating to be so bound and gagged to being my toilet–but it’s suiting that you’d be so desperate, isn’t it–it’s not like toilet like you who worships a girl’s shit HAS any dignity ? But, I can’t say that I blame you for how badly you want it… my “special chocolate” is divine!

I taste some, and eat a little, as I tell you how to put in an order, you dirty perv, so we can enjoy my shit together… but I’m leaving you the rest, and you have to eat it ALL, slave. Take this chocolatey fudge and cram it down your throat. I don’t care HOW long the shipping takes to get my shit from my ass to your mouth!

4) Shit All Over See-Through Chair & Taste

Bending my plump, thick white girl ass over and laying out a big load all over my see-through chair, with you underneath it getting a naughty, nasty view! I lick my stinky shit while teasing and taunting you… 😉



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Nothing makes me cum like scat porn… I love this shit!


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