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Human toilet joined by ABDUCTED businessman


Today is a different day at the human toiler because the owner has realized that new human toilets have opened in the area and the ladies must be pleased enough to repeat their visits. The ladies like nothing better than having fresh human toilets to deliver their payloads on and despite the fact that this human toilet has been stationed here for sometime and they don’t yet have a replacement they take matters into their own hands. They abduct a businessman and place him alongside the human toilet to service their patrons. This patron first uses the human toilet to piss and shit into his mouth which as trained he eats greedily. The suited businessman is there to be used as a human toilet paper and will clean each lady using his tongue.


Length:  13:58s 
Resolution: 720x480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 251 MB

We bring you our toilet slaves smothered with scat and eating scat!


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