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incredible amount of diarrhea at once !!


Godess cannot call me today to eat her shitty diarrhea . . so. . she remain alone at home and must empty her bowels. With a hugeee diarrhea inside her, she put a pair of tan leggings, and hoping that she can hide all her diarrhea inside them. But unfortunatelly, the more she shit her Diarrhea, the more was going outside the pants and over her waistband. All diarrhea beginning to flow as a river to her plate and soon she fill her plate at maxximum !!! Epic diarrhea flowing alone and going from Godess ass – – up to her waistband . .than outside leggings. . . . all by herself !!!! Didn’t know that diarrhea is alive !!! 😀 See it to believe it !!!


Length:  3:46s 
Resolution: 704x480
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File Size: 66 MB

Very obedient slave ready to receive huge cantities of Diarrhea, shit and ready to eat all scat-shit from my Mistresses !!  8


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