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Intoxicated By Big Feet And Fishnets; Seduced Into Being A Toilet


you’ve been visiting your Mistress weekly for foot and nylon sessions. It seems each week your limits are pushed a bit further. you find yourself going places with Her that you never thought you would. As you enter Her hotel room you notice She has chosen coarse black fishnets this week. you offer Her a compliment as you imagine how they’ll feel pressed against your face. you start with a smoke and it goes right to your head. Feeling woozy you notice your cock throbbing in anticipation of those big beautiful feet. you spend some time on Her feet. Then you work your way into Her fishnet stockings. Steadily worshipping. your head gets lighter and lighter, what was in that smoke She gave you?! you start to notice that She isn’t wearing panties and your heart begins to pound in your chest. Then the unthinkable happens, the one thing you always said you would never ever do. She takes a big hot shit and you find yourself very aroused by it. Is your heart in your cock? It sure feels that way! Oddly, it all seems right. She scoops some up and takes a taste before putting it to your mouth for consumption. you feel weak. you can’t resist. She has you, and now you’re a filthy little shit eater. This can never be erased. It is something both you and She will always know, you are forever more a shit eater.


Length:  11:07s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 417 MB


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