Late Night Snack (DELETED)


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So monday night I was in Phoenix AZ and I usually only take a shit once a day (in the mornings) this toilet boy wanted to session with the Queen but sadly I told him he was too late I already shit for the day. I didn’t take in the fact I had breakfast for lunch (scrambled eggs w/ cheese, hasbrowns and bacon) along with 2 cups of coffee and then I had a huge gyro for dinner!! So by the time 10pm rolled around I felt my stomach having to shit again…I was surprised. So I called the anxious toilet boy and told him to come over ASAP, he was here within 20mins! I told him to get naked and assume the position with his head on the doggy pad and laying on the floor underneath my beautiful ass. After I’m done taking a dump in his mouth I force him to consume it all….every last bit of it!



5 reviews for Late Night Snack (DELETED)

  1. Profile photo of WanderSubBoy
    5 out of 5


    Makes you envy the slave.

  2. Profile photo of Armond
    5 out of 5


    Amazing video! 10/10, Queen has an amazing body and feeds her toilets like a Queen should.

  3. Profile photo of miserable_pig
    5 out of 5



    FINALLY a toilet slave video where the Domme is dressed like a Domme. Love the kinky outfit and stiletto heels. In my personal opinion you must always wear stilettos when shitting on your slave. Love it how you sit on your slave as he’s chewing on your shit and you also show your stilettos and sexy feet.

    Could you make a video where you shit on his dick and make him masturbate with it while you squat over his face and make him lick your asshole clean? Make him grunt like a pig and make him cum into your shit.

    Your body is also AMAZING. Definitely worthy of wrapping my lips around around your shithole and sucking.

  4. Profile photo of mishem
    5 out of 5


    This is my favourite toilet slave training video. I can’t wait for the Queen’s next one. She looks amazing. That body! A true Goddess in a sexy outfit, platform heels, long dark hair, long sharp nails. The complete package. Verbal humiliation is outstanding too.

    If this was just a snack I hope the next one is a full breakfast or dinner video. That is one lucky slave. 11/10!

  5. Profile photo of pulver685
    5 out of 5


    This is probably the best clip at scatshop when it comes to toilettraining. A beautiful Mistress with a fantastic backside uses Her slave in a perfect way. And you can see that the Mistress enjoys what She is doing. She don´t act, this is real. So I am really looking forward to see more from this gorgeous Goddess.

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