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Little Man Public Potty


I’m in a public bathroom again, but this time I brought my little man with me. He has been a bad boy & deserves to be punished! I throw him into the toilet, where he will feast on my stinky poo & pee! I get so excited & turned on by the idea, that I can’t help but show off for the camera. I tease the camera with views of my nice, plump ass, then I climb up on my throne & get down to my dirty business 😉 I release my full bladder first. Mmmm…. why does it always feel so good to pee? I mean it actually turned me on. I start massaging my breasts, and rubbing my legs. Teasing & dirty talking to you from the toilet. Oops! Someone comes in while I work on taking a big shit. You can hear them pee & even a fart escapes! I’m a little constipated. I think it’s from all the cheese I’ve been eating so I finished wiping & blow you a sexy kiss goodbye! 🙂


Length:  6:22s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 271 MB

Picture 37BBW Poo 2

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