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Locked Up


I am standing in the corner watching and waiting for you to wake up, when you finally do I explain why you are locked in a very small cage with no room to move and hand cuffs on, I remove your handcuffs and tell you why I picked you up last night. I saw you and I had to take you in to be my toilet slave, now I am here to feed you your first meal, I grab a tray and pull my uniform to the side releasing a massive amount of shit. I let you smell it and blow it in your face. You must eat this if you want to be in here if you refuse I will send you away to a very dark place for a month, I pull my uniform to the side and release more shit into your tray, I want to give you a large amount this first time around just to break you, make you love this. I feed you a spoon and expect you to finish the rest, I tease you with my body and you finish your plate of my shit, you are one of many number 55 all the other toilet slave will be jealous of you so watch your back.


Length:  15:10s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 735 MB

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