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Mean Girlfriend Poops Panties in Your Face


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I found out you have a panty pooping fetish, so I decide to exploit this and have some fun with your pathetic little self. I’m wearing a pair of sexy silky panties, and I come right up close to you, putting my butt right up in your face. Then I force you to BEG me to fill them. You’re so humiliated but desperate to watch me do this in person so you can finally live your fantasy, so you beg me to mess them. You feel so humiliated begging me for something so taboo. I tease you and call you name until I finally decide you’ve earned your reward and I fill my panties til they bulge and make you smell it, shaking my booty in your face and simulating face sitting. Do you like how that smells? You’re so pathetic. Now will you be a good little toilet slave and help me clean up…?


Length:  6:47s 
Resolution: 1280x720
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I just can’t stop having accidents…

3 reviews for Mean Girlfriend Poops Panties in Your Face

  1. Profile photo of kamper
    5 out of 5


    Excellent Panty Shitting video,this clip showcases her sexy ass and beautiful face splendidly,the body images and shots are just as important to me as the scat play and crackling sound of the shit exiting that fine panty cladded tail of hers.

    What i love most about this clip is that she uses plain WHITE silky looking panties that fit tight over Cheshire’s sexy booty,i’ve been hanging for her to use these kind of panties without any little fun colours,pictures or patterns…..just plain raw and silky light coloured fullback panties that display the messy parts to perfection….she drops a nice load with wonderful views for the duration of the clip.
    I would have loved to see her get up and walk around a little to showcase her body standing up in natural motion showing off that curvy body of hers like she did in her blue panties from the “Aftermath of a Very Big Accident” clip…..that would have been Fkn perfect for me if she walked around in this clip as everything else was going for it……either way this clip is a top notch panty crapping moment don’t hesitate to get it if you like fine bodies wearing the right kind of panties when doing the right kind of shit 10/10

  2. Profile photo of RichardOne
    5 out of 5


    Fantastic. Not only is this girl gorgeous, but this video provides SUCH a perfect view of her filling up her panties! I always worry that the lighting is going to wind up looking different in the video than it looks in the still captures (a huge pet peeve of mine), but that’s not the case here. What you see is what you get! A perfectly lovely model with a perfectly lovely face and an ass you cannot look away from. Get this one.

  3. Profile photo of guitarhero
    5 out of 5


    I’ve gotten a few of her videos now and i love that she talks in this one:) Cheshire is amazing at what she does on here and i hope she continues to deliver great content like this. Here’s to hoping she’ll take requests soon;)

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