Mechanic Eats My Shit



Motor Mechanics take note! The days of you taking advantage of women when fixing their cars are over! New law states if you don’t fix a woman’s car on time she has the right to present you her ass to licked but even better, she can take a dump right in your mouth while you are licking her asshole!

This Mechanic couldn’t fix the girl’s Hyundai in time because he didn’t have parts. She made him lick her smelly ass and you’ll see her beautiful body contract in pleasure as she takes a gigantic & nasty shit into his mouth. It’s beautiful to see her back arch as the second turd slide out between her ass cheeks into his mouth. She looks at him with a grin on her face as he struggle to eat her shit.

She shits into his mouth again and he had to also lick her shitty ass completely clean. Men be warned! If you can’t fix a woman’s car on time she can turn you into a toilet and you’ll have to eat her smelly & disgusting shit!

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Length:  13:29s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo