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MistressAnna – Shit, Piss and Blood POV


The moment you have dreamed of, the words you have longed to hear. VOT, or View Of Toilet!

This is what you have imagined all the time you have masturbated to my videos: what you would see if I were using you as my toilet.

I am using you as a toilet. There is no more training. you have reached the bottom. you have accepted that you are a toilet so there is no ceremony or manipulation. I use you just like a thing.

YOU get to see my exquisite ass in marvelous detail just as if you were under my toilet seat. The camera is just where your eyes would be if your mouth were positioned under my asshole. After my huge shit goes into YOUR MOUTH, my menstrual blood comes out in a continuous stream from my impossibly beautiful pussy. Finally my piss goes in your mouth and I order you to lick my ass clean.

The only communication between us are my commands. you are only an object now. “Eat my shit”, “Lick my ass”, “Drink my piss”, these are the only words you will ever hear from a human. What else would I have to say to a TOILET?


Length:  4:17s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 324 MB


Valar Morgulis


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