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Mommy Knows Best


Good morning sweetie, you are just waking up from a nap and I see you are a little fussy and crying. Daddy should be home any minute now with some milk, still crying I try and calm you down, I haven’t changed your diaper in months I’ve been to afraid because I didn’t want to know if you took after your small penis father but you wont stop crying so I take your diaper off and see that my worst nightmare is true you have such a small baby penis . I give you your binkie and you are quiet I am so upset about your tiny dick I make you upset and now there is nothing to calm you I grab your baby penis and stroke you telling you how horrible it will be when your with any girls in the future, your testicles are like tiny dried up raisins laughing at you still crying, I put the binkie in my butt hole and coat it with mommy’s special chocolate you love so much. Now finally peace and quiet , I know what will make you happy how about a Popsicle? I bend over and spread my cheeks and catch my poop in my hand and feed you my waste, lick it baby it will make you happy! You nibble and suck on mommy’s poop and makes me very happy.


Length:  13:51s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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