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Mommy and Son Toilet Taboo


You come home from school and find mommy taking a nap. She wakes up and wants to talk with you.
“Son, we need to have a talk. As I was cleaning your room today I found a scat magazine. I know boys your age will be curious, but what in the world got you turned on to this!? I know eventually you’ll want to experiment. I think as your mother, you should have your first shit eating experience with me. I will let you smell my ass, touch my ass and taste my shit. Actually the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The toilet is broken and I have a big dump I need to let out. Not only that but I’m also getting sweaty. I feel my asshole becoming slick. Come follow me into the bathroom. Now lay down and I will show you my asshole. See it, sniff it, touch it. I will now sit on this chair and you will open your mouth and mommy will drop a big one into your mouth. Make sure you lick mommy’s ass nice and clean. Do you like that? How does it taste? I am happy to have this experience with you. I think we have found a new hobby together.”

All in POV. SENSUAL mommy and son role play. Natural sounds. Lots of Dialogue. Pooping from chair. Virtual toilet slave. Boy’s first time (you)


Length:  10:33s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 321 MB

The world is my toilet.



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