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Mommy’s Little Bitch


I walk into my bedroom and see my panties thrown all over the room, and who do I see there with their face buried deep into my panties? Yes you this is so messed up you know that right, stroking your penis to your mothers panties! I’ve told you so many times about this and this time you will pay, unzip your pants and let me see your dick , I laugh because it has not grown at all since you were a baby such a small micro baby dick, you take after your father! You have been wearing and sniffing my panties stuffing your tiny penis in mommy’s panties you little freak, now stroke that baby dick with your 2 fingers and hold out your hands your going to eat mommy’s shit because you love smelling her shit streaks your going to eat them! I shit into my hand a nice solid thick turd and feed it to you for being a little pervert.


Length:  12:06s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 242 MB

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