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Mommy’s Stink Diaper!


Baby! It’s time for Mommy to put you in a diaper! Mommy knows how much you love wearing diapers! You love filling your diapers with your pee and poo don’t you? That makes you so happy to sit around in your stink! You’re Mommy’s stinky baby! Mommy loves you! I love my stinky baby!

I know something else you love baby! You love it when Mommy poo poos in your diaper too don’t you, baby! Does it make you feel really good to watch Mommy push out a big mess right into your diaper? Knowing that I’m going to put that stinky poo filled diaper on you! Then you have to wear it all day and all night! You are a baby! You are completely helpless. You only get changed when Mommy changes you!

I am going to love seeing you in this messy Mommy poo filled diaper! I want you to use your diaper too! I want you to pee and poo in your messy diaper, baby! Then our pee and poo poo and mix together in your diaper! How amazing will that feel for you, baby! You’ll be sitting in our combined mess! Oh baby! Just the thought of that makes Mommy feel so good!

It’s time for Mommy to poo in your diaper! Are you ready baby!?



Length:  8:44s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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