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Mud Muncher!


In this clip, The Scat Ambassador tells you exactly what to expect if you’ve gone beyond the point where fantasizing about asses and ass worship isn’t enough for you anymore! This is for you if you’ve seen some scat clips and think you’re ready to eat my shit.You’ve been tied to my porter potty all night..waiting and hoping for me to have to go. It’s morning time now and you know what that means! It’s the first shit of the day motherfucker! You’re going to eat all of it. Every last fucking drop!What’s going to happen if you don’t eat all that shit? I’m going to fuck you up something major Bitch! You even get the “Special Surprise Inside” With Cum dripping out of my pink pussy! Before I use you, smell my asshole! Don’t you fucking dare touch me pig! You smell it..stinky right? I let my HUGE brown loads drop all over you. You’re so fucking lucky! You get enough shit for TWO slaves! You’re fucking blessed! I show off my expert sphincter control as I serve up the best meal of your life… squeezing off piece after piece of her shit for easy swallowing. I make SURE you understand you’re place in this video! Not for the faint of heart. Video contains some SERIOUS humiliation. I give you shit and treat you like shit! This is exactly how you will be treated in a REAL LIFE SESSION with me!


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Length: 13:13s
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 469 MB

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