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My Best Shits 11 brings you my best shitting scenes from my top seller toilet slavery videos. A whole 45 minutes of pure shitting into mouths & orgasmic pleasure. Very erotic compilation vid indeed. If there is one feeling in this world that I love more than anything else it’s when I take gig and nasty shits right into people’s mouths.

I’m not ashamed to admit it really turns me on to take a shit in another person’s mouth. What I love even more is watching them eat while I masturbate, it makes me cum so hard! Watching someone chew and swallow my shit makes my orgasm last much longer.

This compilation video is of my best scenes shitting into people’s mouths are brought to you compliments from my best seller videos:

BROKEN TOILET 46 – MESSY SCAT ENEMA“ which is a Extremely CRUEL scat/diarrhea domination by enema. This video of mine is the most sadistic & cruel production I EVER made and it’s NOT for the faint hearted. You have been WARNED!

I could feel thicker chunks of old shit from deep within my bowels moving downwards and this good feeling is so hard to describe but it turns you on like hell. Feeling those chunks of shit blocking the water flow out of your ass, your asshole suddenly expanding as those chunks shoot out into the slaves mouth with gushes of enema water smelling like raw sewage.
I started experiencing these little mini orgasms, the contractions helping to work some old shit deep within lose too. Soon the water turned into a brown sewage / diarrhea sludge with the most HORRIBLE smell!

Problem is NOW I’m on fire with constant little climax / orgasms pumping through my body. It must have tasted HORRIBLE as my slave started squirming and gagging, unable to keep up swallowing the constant flow of sewage like waste coming from my body.

My climaxes turned my into the cruelest most sadistic horny bitch as I dropped my asshole tight onto his open mouth and kept going. Giving into the most intense pleasure of diarrhea like bowel movement and climaxes I ever experienced. It just felt too good to show him mercy so I kept shitting doing a force feed swallow.

It was just too horrible in taste for him to keep up and the force of my shit sludge shot out so hard into his mouth and throat that it forced it’s way up through his naval cavities. The convulsion feeling of my shit forcing it’s way out of my ass into his mouth and out through his nose in between my ass cheeks just made my pleasure much more intense.

The way my muscles contract from the intense pleasure bares testimony to this. My almost painful like facial expressions as I let go and give into the pleasure coming from my own body. My vagina has never swollen to such a GIGANTIC size in my life!

I could barely remain standing afterwards and my mouth felt dry. It felt like I was on a cloud. Unthinkable that experiencing so much pleasure can drain you so much but I almost slept 10 hours afterwards!

“BROKEN TOILET 47 – PASSIONATE SHIT MUNCHER” where I show you will NEVER be respected by any women, much less beautiful women. All those beautiful women you see and admire. The are not interested in losers like you. But there is hope at least like you’ll see in the video of a man passionately munching on my shit!

MAYBE if you’re lucky she MIGHT be as kind as me. To allow you a view of her naked ass and letting you smell her stink hole. You should be honored you get to smell her ass stink and if you are worthy enough she may do what I did here. Let you lick my smelly ass. Because we like successful men, not fucking loser ass eaters like you!

I gave this poor loser the ultimate reward. I let him open his mouth wide and I took a big & nasty shit of multiple thick & creamy turds right into his mouth. As a beta male loser you should be thankful you get the opportunity to see a beautiful & successful woman’s asshole open as the turd appear. The ultimate experience for you is licking her asshole and turd when this happens. It’s a really pleasurable sensation.

It felt so good taking such a big shit in his mouth that I got horny. He was still chewing on the fourth turd when I sat down on his open mouth & face and started riding his face cowgirl style. He couldn’t breathe but it’s not really important is it? As my orgasm build I suddenly shit more, directly down his throat. His suffering and squirming sounds from the taste and lack of air made me had a great orgasm. During those final seconds of my orgasm contractions I pushed hard to enhance the pleasure and shit even MORE down his throat!

You see? You DO have a purpose for us beautiful women. You can be our shit eater to enhance our bowel movement pleasure and help us orgasm. True, we will NEVER love or respect you. After all no successful women will even consider dating a shit eater but at least you serve SOME purpose. So after she took a smelly shit in your mouth and came on your face from it she gets dressed and leave to be with her successful boyfriend / husband as we prefer proper men. As you lay there sad and lonely at least be thankful you got to taste her shit that came from HER perfect body. That is how my slave in the video cope with his fate on a day to day basis.

“BROKEN TOILET 48 – SHIT EAT ORGASM” My slave must be the luckiest toilet alive as you’ll see in this video. Not only does he get to worship and kiss my perfect ass in my tight jeans. He also gets the opportunity to see my perfect little asshole open as my stinking piles of shit fills his mouth.
But it doesn’t end there. Now he gets the most amazing experience of it all. He gets to eat my shit while I look down at him, laughing in his face while pleasuring myself. As he endures the taste of my shit while chewing & eating it he can look into my eyes and see the intense pleasure of my orgasms ripping through my perfect body.

It’s great if you can look into a beautiful woman’s eyes while eating her shit as she laugh and masturbate. Seeing her body contort in orgasmic pleasure as you endure the suffering of eating her stinking shit. I love watching people eat my shit and I’m not ashamed to say it.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo


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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo



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