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Never Good Enough


I invited you over today because I feel like I have lead you on just a little bit, You have been confessing your love for me for months now over email. But I hate to tell you this but your just not good enough for me, you will never get to put your cock inside of me that is the way it will always be. But I wanted to give you the option of smell my ass and eating my shit, you have confessed your love for me now and promised you would do anything for me and to me so now I want you to eat my shit. You get down on the floor and I shit into a container filling it up to the brim, now I want you to clean my ass this is the closest you will ever be to me. I tell you to get your fork and lick, smell and taste my shit what you cant finish now you will finish later, always have me inside of you.


Length:  11:08s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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