Olga eats shit, burps, smears her body



This is a hot and dirty show that brings together the best that can be in this fetish. Olga lies on the bed, she takes off her panties and takes a transparent plate. She pees and poops on this plate. you will see what perfectly tasty shit comes out of Olga this time. Oh, this is a meal, believe me, you will want to eat it all without a hitch. Olga lies down and takes a little shit with her hand. She puts a small portion in her mouth and enjoys it. He takes a small portion again, invites you to try it, sniffs it and puts it back in his mouth. Olga enjoys her shit, it’s so beautiful to watch. Olga swallowed all the shit and drank all the urine from the plate. Then she vomited and everything she ate returned to the plate with the addition of saliva. Olga has already applied this mixture to her body.


Length:  15:49s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mpeg4
File Size: 965 MB


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