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Open wide, shit pot!


Just when I thought I could not think less of you, my contempt for you grows. I see how weak you really are and that you cannot take even a small amount of pain for your Mistress. Instead of welcoming the opportunity to suffer for me, to pay homage to my incredible beauty through the gift of your suffering, you beg for me to stop and actually try to protect balls with your hands.

Very well, I am over the insult and am going to use your weakness to break you down more completely. I will chain you under my toilet. I will reduce you to a sub-human, a mere hole in which I deposit my shit. You will come to see yourself as I see you: a shit receptacle, a sewer.

You will consume my shit. And then, you will clean my ass to my exacting standards, using your tongue to remove the slightest particles of filth from the tiniest wrinkles in my beautiful asshole. If you fail or hesitate I will mercilessly exploit your weakness against pain by torturing your otherwise useless cock and balls. And in my laughing eyes you will see yourself as you truly are: a toilet.


Length:  7:59s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Valar Morgulis


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