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Perfect Mouth


I am so glad you come by, won’t you stay for awhile long I am having a great time with you, have a glass of wine with me It is so delicious I’ve been drinking it all day and want you to catch up, please have some. I pour you a full glass and ask you if anyone has ever told you that you have beautiful lips, they are just so juicy and perfect. Keep drinking , do you like my lips? No not those lips, I spread my legs and show you up my dress, how about another glass do it for me, please. I pour you another glass and you happily drink it down, now you are feeling a bit dizzy and drunk, I also noticed your mouth it is the perfect size and shape, feeling so good I tell you that you have been drinking potion and I have been drinking water and you are under my control everything I ask you to do you will happily. I bend over and have you smell my ass sticking your tongue inside, Now open that perfect mouth of yours I need to fill it, I fill your mouth with my poop a nice thick poop. Now taste it, chew it and swallow it. Your not finished yet lick me clean, good boy. The perfect mouth to be my toilet slave forever you are mine and I will use you daily.


Length:  11:38s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
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