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Pictures: Ass Worship Package


I want all of my sexy Goddess ass worshiped. I want you to be completely addicted to my big Goddess ass! I hope you have a hard time concentrating, and getting things done now you have my ass to get you rock hard! I want you to shoot lots of thick cum for my ass. This ass worship package will be loaded with pictures (instead of videos). These pictures are mixed up from the last seven years. Worship my big Goddess ass and all that comes from my curvy body! This ass worship package is filled with lots of my Goddess ass, poop, and my smiling Goddess face!
1. The first .zip file contains 299 pictures of my ass with a panty wedge or pulling my panties to the side showing off my yummy asshole. I love wearing all types of sexy panties!

2. The second zip file contains 159 pictures of my bare Goddess ass! Big Round & Juicy!

3. The third .zip file contains 338 pictures of my unwiped dirty ass! Yummy Poopy Butt!

4. The fourth .zip files contains 161 pictures of my Goddess poop! My Precious Goddess shit!

5. The fifth .zip file contains 39 pictures of my dirty anal toys after playing with my full ass! I love filling my ass with anal plugs….it feels so nice having my ass filed up while it’s already full with poop!

6. The sixth .zip file contains 68 pictures of shitty worship containers! Sometimes one poop is just not enough! Containers with my sweet poo!

7. The seventh .zip file contains 80 pictures going poop in the doggy style position. On my hands and knees pooping!

8. The eighth .zip file contains 33 pictures of me going poop while standing up. Watch my poop and pee drop from my Goddess body!

9. The ninth .zip file contains 52 pictures of me sitting on the porcelain toilet going to the bathroom. I love having my private bathroom visits enjoyed!

10. The tenth .zip file contains 25 pictures of using metal Collins anal speculum for the first time. My pussy got so creamy when my ass was stretched open!




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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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