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Pink Lace Panty Poo Soak


I just got home from work and I am very horny. I was thinking about going poop and playing all day! I go to my bathroom wearing only a lace hot pink thong. I kept these sexy thongs when I was packing up an old roommates room. His sexy young blonde girlfriend, Holly, left her sexy thongs. I packed up all of his stuff except her thongs. I wore them for about a year , and then I texted her letting her know I had two of her thongs, I would give them back to her. She told me she thought her exboyfriend had kept them! I took her to get her nails done and then brought her back to my house and asked her to take a photo set in both of her thongs I had stolen from her. She was straight, but I knew her little pussy was wet while I striped in front of her. I thought about sexy Holly as I recline on my side, revealing my wonderful Goddess ass. I pull the thong aside to reveal my sexy asshole. I tease my pussy with my fingers through the thong making my pussy wetter. Pulling my thong to the side, watch as my ass pushes out large, creamy, brown logs. I put the thong strap back in place and continues to masturbate through the thong. It feels so good as I masturbate, I begin to cum. I remove my cum soaked and shit stained panties and shove them deep into her pussy. I masturbate while my pussy is stuffed with my dirty panties…mmm It makes me cum so hard! I pull out my dirty thong from my pussy and say, I want these panties licked clean! #54


Length:  18:53s 
Resolution: 320x240
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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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