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Poop Meal


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I begin by pooping onto a plate in a backwards squat position nice and close for your viewing pleasure. I then make you a poop sandwich with a knife and all. I then use my remaining poop to make you a tasty dip with chips hehe. Mmm smells delicious! There’s no way you can resist this meal 🙂


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1 review for Poop Meal

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    5 out of 5


    All I can say is wow, the person who receives that meal is the luckiest “bleep” on the planet. Bet it is a very tasty breakfast sandwich and chips, looks like a 5 star restaurant meal to me, where can I find that bistro! Hope they enjoy it as much as I would. Everyone fan of J’s should buy this video, it is my favorite so far, very cute and hot. She needs to be #1 on this site very soon.

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