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Pooping at work again


A hot and humid day at work Mistress had lots of Ice Cream .. And again you know she has to run..

Imagine Mistress tells you to meet her in the bathroom with your head in the toilet and she proceeds to tease you by shaking her big black ass in your face..

She seductively pulls down her pants and tease you with her beautiful ass..

She spreads her cheeks just so you can see her tight little hole..

She backs up and twerks on your pathetic face

Mistress then Spreads and release a 20 second stream of her warm Champange with a fart lol

Then she opens more and release a long turds of her caviar right into your mouth..

I hope you enjoy the winks at the end..

Mistress loves feeding you her caviar Untill next time toilets


Length:  2:29s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 83 MB

Ebony Goddess that believes every whiteboy craves being told what to do by a Superior Ebony Goddess eating her Poop is a sure way to prove your devotion


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