Pooping and Encouraging you to Eat my shit and Jerk
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Pooping and Encouraging you to Eat my shit and Jerk


In the first scene I am lying on my back with legs up. I am constipated, had not pooped for the last 5 days. I push hard until a very large and hard piece of poop comes out. You see the expressions on my face as I push. I feel there is still more shit that needs to come out. I keep pushing and you can see my opened purple asshole until some softer shit comes out.

In the second scene I’m going to tell you how it would be like to order and eat some of my shit. After days of waiting you will finally receive my shit by mail. I want you to take your breath and relax. Open the packet, take a big sniff. Get used to the smell. Take a small piece and put it inside your mouth. Let my shit melt on your tongue. Can you believe you are finally eating my Divine waste? After months, or maybe years of dreaming about it, it finally happens! I’m so proud of you!

I’m sure all this excitement from eating my shit has made your dick hard. You wanna stroke so bad, don’t you? Just do it! I want you to jerk off and cum with my shit in your mouth! You feel so dirty and naughty. This feeling is too hard to describe, but you can feel it in your pants! You will be hooked forever. You will always want to stroke with my shit in your mouth. I want you to keep stroking until you blow. Now that you have tasted my poop, you have no choice but to keep worshiping my shit forever! You are my slave!

*** Please note this is another version of 2 previously released clips, but now put together: Pooping a large hard log in living room
& Eat my shit and jerk your dick
. You may want to verify if you already have those clips before getting this one.

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Resolution: 1920x1080
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