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Pregnant Shitting,Sex & Baking


Product Description

Start out in some clean white cotton panties and any white bra. Be in your kitchen, prefer pigtails but if it’s a problem just wear your hair down. (Wear heals for this if you have them.. You don’t need to ruin them) Normal pep stuff. Show off your pregnant belly, slowly rub it and show your ass in and out of the panties (pull up and down, spread ass). Talk friendly at first and about how much you know I want you but can’t have it. After a short tease, transition by saying, but I’m going to make something special just for you.

At this point, zoom closer to your ass, fart in the panties if possible, I don’t want you to make the panties (too) messy, just a decent shit streak in the ass. Then pull your panties down and squat with your dish out and shit a massive turd in
it, finish your shit off in the mix. Just get in in your dish.

Add your other ingredients like normal, so I can see you make the cookies and know I have the ones in the video.

The cookies should be ready at this point and say I have more for you. Have your man come in and go down on him. It’s real important that you make eye contact with the camera for the majority and be really close up and direct me to watch you suck his cock. Tell me I can’t have any, all I get is a treat for being a good (do whatever you see fit to be humiliating).

As you go in for the fuck, be sure you do a minute or so of each: reverse cowgirl in those heals facing the camera so I can see your baby belly and his balls. Turn and ride him and have him hold your ass open while riding so I can see. And finally have him fuck you from behind on your knees
and elbows. I want your face up close to the camera looking in at me while he is pounding you from behind, and I can also see your ass above fluttering and his chest while he grips your sides/hips. Be sure to get a quick side view too so I can see the belly. The whole time you are being fucked, instruct me to do little things like finger my ass and taste it to get me ready for my treat or other little humiliating things you want to surprise me with.

At the end, have him cum in your mouth; I’d like this scene up close as possible so I can see your eyes and mouth real good detail. Then slowly show me the cum in your mouth and dribble some on 1 of the cookies. You can rub the cookie on your belly in some cum if there’s enough. With some remaining cum in your mouth, swallow it and show me you did. Then say something like, now that I swallowed my treat from a real man it’s time for you to have your treat. Zoom up on the cookie so I know without a
doubt what I have.


Length:  21:34s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB


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