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Prego Finger Digging Shit Out


I am 38 weeks pregnant, and my belly is nice and big! I’m still having a hard time taking a shit. I can’t wait until I am able to poop normally again, but it is a nice way I have found to feed my toilet slaves picking out my turds one at a time. I lay down on my side letting you enjoy looking at how big my belly and body has gotten ready to dig out the chocolate turds in my ass. I moan and grunt as I fingering my dirty ass getting all the shit out of my big sexy ass. I collect all that will come out, but I feel there is more in my ass. I sit on the toilet so push better. I allow you to watch as my pregnant belly and breasts move while I continue to dig sitting on toilet. I find more of my hidden chocolate that stored in my huge ass. I empty my ass one turd at a time. When I can’t feel any more poop. I show and let you worship all that came out of my ass in a nice handful. #205


Length:  12:33s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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