Secret Scatology Dungeon!



“From the outside, this house looks innocent enough to be anyone’s house, but it is actually a dominatrix dungeon for piss and shit fetish! Every room contains an unfortunate slave and is subjected to both poop and piss feeding against their will!

In one, a guy is laid on the floor and surrounded by a couple of dominatrixes who are waiting for their turn to urinate into his mouth! They make sure to shoot every last drop, leaving him with no choice but swallow everything! But he is not the only one who is suffering the same fate! Various rooms have similar scenes, if not worse!

Even the bathroom has a lot of pissing action going in it! Women are urinating on the floor and in the toilet! For the more unfortunate slaves, they are being served with more than just piss, but feces as well! Women defecate into their mouths, leaving them with no choice but to chew and eat poop! And when a dominatrix gets a little too playful, she would go as far as to smear her filth all over the victim’s body! ”


Length:  57:54s 
Resolution: 640x480
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 803 MB


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We bring you our toilet slaves smothered with scat and eating scat!