Sexy Vixen Makes You a Poo-Poo Platter (Full)


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My 3-Part Poo-Poo Platter Video Series – All in One Place!

I’m here to treat you to a most delicious meal. A fragrant, mouth-watering poo-poo platter with your favorite ingredient – MY own Poo! Watch me in my grey knee socks and black pumps, naughtily teasing you with my pink pussy as I feel the pressure building inside of me. Finally I’m ready…oooh, yesss… A long brown rope of shit slowly slides out of my asshole onto a platter, all for you! I squeeze out every morsel onto your dish. I stroke and rub my wet pussy more as I shit, teasing it out of me and enjoying the hot look on your face. You lean in closer and I lift the warm pile up to your nose, letting you take in the scent that makes you rock hard instantly. My shit seduces you even more than my body does.

I grin and playfully lap at the plate, reminding you of what is to come when you dig into your delicious meal. But we’re not done yet. I’m so horny from this shit that I want to tease you even more. My pink asshole is smeared and brown, you want to lean in and lick me clean, don’t you? I flex and spread my cheeks for you, letting you get a good look, spanking my gorgeous ass, moving my hips and shaking it in your face, shit-smeared and sexy.

But what is this…. Oh….I feel more shit coming! It’s soft and creamy, oozing out of my spread hole and dropping onto the kitchen floor. Oopsie! Oh well…I guess we can add that to your plate too! I wipe myself off a little and add some smeared toilet paper on top. We wouldn’t want a single bit of precious poo to go to waste, now would we?

Now the kitchen needs a quick cleanup from my naughty, messy ass. Think of it as your dessert, getting to watch my smeared, stained asshole and big sexy booty on display as I get down on hands and knees and clean the floor in my heels and knee-socks. What a lucky boy you are!

Eat up!


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