SHIT with Period!



“It is this woman’s time of the month, so her hormones are at its peak! She is so aroused that she is not acting normally, causing her to grab her husband and dominate him! Beginning with stripping him naked, she then throws him on the floor and sits on his face! This left the guy with no choice but to eat both her pussy and asshole!

Eventually, the woman gets off the guy, but only to fit a makeshift funnel into his mouth! She uses this contraption to drain her period blood down the slave’s throat! Try as he may to resist, there is no escaping it and there is nothing he can do but drink every last drop of her period!

When the dominatrix could no longer release anymore, that’s when she directs her asshole to his mouth! This time, she defecates, putting the guy in a position wherein he must chew and eat her feces! With every chunk and stream of poop, he chews and swallows, leaving none to waste!”


Length:  31:44s 
Resolution: 512x400
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 275 MB


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We bring you our toilet slaves smothered with scat and eating scat!