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Shitting Nude Pantyhose


Custom Clip:
I would love to see you wearing some nude pantyhose. I would be secured down (either in your smother box or toilet or on the floor) as you let me know that you won’t allow me to move or escape during the facesitting / farting session. You would then sit on my face (or hover just about an inch over my nose with my mouth completely sealed shut) and start ripping really nasty and wet farts. The smellier the better (well, worse for me but that’s the point!) as you continually taunt me about having to breathe it in. At some point close to the middle of the video you turn and look at me as you laughingly express that you have to take a shit. Since I’m trapped in position and can’t get away, you decide to do it in my face. I really struggle now to get out but to no avail as you start to shit yourself as your ass is pushed tight up against my face, forcing me to smell it all. This amuses you as I really try to get out and you then tell me that if I am able to cum in this position, you will let me go. Of course with my hands bound I can’t so I’m stuck there smelling it all. You pull down your soiled pantyhose, exposing your shit covered ass, spread open and sit on my face forcing it all over my face. At the end of the clip, you take off your pantyhose, and sit them on my face and leave me there.


Length:  14:25s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 538 MB

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