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Shitty Pissy Spit Brownies


I have been waiting several hours to come home and prepare a batch of my addicting brownies for my hungry toilet. I go to my bathroom and take off my jeans and fullback cotton panty. Next, I collect pee. I lay on my side to release the magical ingredient for my brownies from my sexy ass. I push and push, but nothing wants to come out. I can feel the shit in my ass, so I reach my fingers in dirty ass. I dig around, finger, and pull hard poop balls out one at a time. After I have collected all of my poop, I suck clean my dirty fingers. My ass tastes yummy! I mix together all the ingredients, get dressed to finish baking my special brownies outside. Since my poop was firmer, each brownie bite with my fingers adding my pee and spit to each poopy treat. Enjoy my delicious shitty pissy spit brownies! #77

Send me a private message if you desire to consume my sexy ass and try some of my yummy custom scat baked treats!


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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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