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Shitty ToothBrush


My slave was a very bad boy and disobeyed Mistress. I told him to do something and he told me no. Do you know what happens to slave who tell Mistress no?? Well he sure as hell learnt today. I told him in order for his dumb ass to stay in my Stable he had go and fuck his ass really really really good with his tooth brush and to get just enough shit on it so that he can brush his teeth he begged and pleaded not to and I told him he better do it. He eventually came to his sense and did what he was told .

He took off his bottoms and squatted over the camera and began to stitch his tooth brush up his ass.. He went back in for more because he knew it wasn’t enough shit for my liking . My slave really enjoyed brushing his teeth for Mistress and he wanted to show you all how much of a loyal slave he was .spending the whole day with shitty breath. How embrassing right?? Well that’s what happens when you disobey Mistress Mysthick !!!


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Resolution: 568x320
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Ebony Goddess that believes every whiteboy craves being told what to do by a Superior Ebony Goddess eating her Poop is a sure way to prove your devotion


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